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TV/Internet Commercial or promotional video

Video marketing is critical for any kind of businesses either small or big. 

Branded content, promotional videos, testimonials, product videos,  commercial videos, Youtube videos production or website videos are fantastic tools for the market purpose: building brand awareness, boosting authority, building expert career,  explaining how the procedure works or promoting range of services of the clinic.

Our team helps create videos to:

  • promote services/procedures of the clinic
  • show niche techniques or experience
  • document metamorphosis of patients
  • document showcase
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TV/Internet Commercial or promotional video (£4500.00)
Total Price: £4500.00 + VAT
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Pay today: £400.00 and remaining balance upon delivery
Commercial 15-45 sec

Commercial will be recorded at your premises.

This is a great opportunity:

  • to show you at work
  • engage your staff to participate in advert

This product can be used:

  • on TV
  • on YouTube
  • on your website
  • or on the screen in waiting room
Promotional up to 2 min

Promotional video is a great oportunity:

  • to play whilst patients are waiting or on websites
  • to promote procedures
  • to explain differences

Promotional movie:

  • shows your clinic from the inside
  • helps to build trust


Editing with Doctors' material

If you choose this option you:

  • can add extra RTG scans, MRIs, CT etc
  • can emphasise your logo can add brands you work with, etc.
Editing without extra material

If you choose this option you:

  • do not need to add any extra footage to be incorporated to your video
  • do not need any Logo/Artwork to be specially positioned or emphasised
Subtitles in any language

You may choose to add subtitles to your video in any language of your choice.

You would have to provide them in text file upon editing stage.

Text on video

You can add text to the video to make it self-explanatory.

It may include:

  • procedure stages
  • brands
  • used equipments' names
  • sponsors
  • patients' history, etc.
20 Still photos of the procedure

During recording any procedure we are able to capture High Quality still photos which may be of a use:

  • in any publications,
  • conferences,
  • websites,
  • publications

No less that 20 photos we offer free of charge.

5 still photos of Clinic/Personnel

Whilst we are at your premisses you may take an advantage of extra service of 5 staged High Quality photos of any kind outside operating theatre.

For example you may choose to photoshoot:

  • clinic interior,
  • personnel,
  • equipment,

and use them for your website or publications.

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