"Thank you for professional video filming. Very happy to use you again"
Dr. Ratledge
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I need recording on unavailable date. What can I do?
If the particular date is already taken but you cannot reschedule your procedure please give us a ring and our manager will try to speak to the customer who had placed their order for that date to check if they can reschedule.
Can I cancel my order?
You can cancel your order at any time but we have a cancellation & refund policy which can be viewed from bottom links.
How can I pay for the order?
For now we only accept bank transfer as payment but we are working on finding the best and safest online payment provider to accept cards online.
Can I change recording date?
If you need to change the recording date and your order is already placed please call our office so we can try to find you more convenient date.
What video formats can you supply?
We can provide any format suitable for you or TV agents. Our clients can benefit from the following most popular formats: .mv4, .mp4, .mov, facebook video
What is the lead time of the order?
Our standard lead time is around 7 days for delivery recorded material. If your videos require editing it may extend to 14 days from recording date. If you need more information please contact our office.
AveNJU - Medical Movies, telephone: (+44) 20 39 510 515, email: office@avenju.com